Hundreds of reservoirs, thousands of hatches, a handful of false alarms.

The need to protect the UK’s drinking water supply network from terrorist threats has never been greater. Established over 12 years ago, First Alert is a respected, proven, robust and effective solution that has been installed across many of the UK’s most inhospitable and environmentally challenging utility sites.

First Alert is a Home Office (CPNI) approved system which provides unique intruder-detection way above the standard commercial application to create cutting-edge water facility protection solutions.
It delivers dependable, fast-acting response to security breaches, even in the most demanding of environments, while also meeting NPCC (National Police Chiefs Council) guidelines to achieve a guaranteed police response.


Reservoirs, one-third of the UK's supply protected.


False alarm incidents per month nationally.


Years' protecting Britain's water supplies.

High-quality, approved security solutions.

First Alert uses sophisticated sensors supported by a bespoke software package to record activity and analyse data collected, which is then relayed to water utility company control centres.

Unbreakable communication.

Our hardwired system is unaffected by environmental conditions and built to last. Reliability is key to ensuring you avoid expensive police call outs for false alarms.

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