Vast majority of London workers are concerned about a terrorist attack

7th November 2014

A City Police Force survey revealed that almost three-quarters of City of London workers are concerned about a terrorist attack. It was carried out recently after the UK’s threat level was raised from substantial to severe.

The survey, which polled over 2,000 people, showed that city workers who were fearful of a terrorist attack numbered 73% and 68% of Londoners as a whole.

Concerns abound of a possible so called ‘Lone Wolf’ attack and high profile areas such as London and other major cities are typically more concerned than less high profile areas.

The results also showed that the vast majority of Londoners believe the public has a vital role to play in fighting the terrorist threat. 73% of people polled said they would report any suspicious behaviour to the police.

Shop Alert’s anti-terrorist system is installed in multiple sites across London and 50 in total across the UK. The latest system ‘Shop Alert 2020’ introduces a whole new suite of apps which include major-incident handling apps such as The Bomb Warning App and The Firearms & Weapons Attack app.

With the Christmas boom fast approaching, vigilance everywhere has never been more important – none more so than in shopping centres and other crowded places.

For more information visit Shop Alert 2020.

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